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UCSF's first "reverse" GMO Dalmatian named "Blotch."

Scientists Create World’s First GMO Reverse Dalmatian

University of San Francisco scientists have successfully created the world's first reverse Dalmatian. The effort, which has been in the works for over 14 years in association with Cargill Corporation and the American Kennel Club, sought to create the world's first GMO dog.

‘Massive’ Trump Statue Erected in North Korea

White House officials say President Trump admires North Korea's flattery.

8 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Transgender

Gish Gallop presents 8 people you didn't know were transgender, featuring people you didn't know were transgender.
The "Plain English" Translation of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake Exceeds 150,000 Pages

Plain English Translation of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Exceeds 175,000 Pages

University of Chicago James Joyce scholar Professor James Badwater has completed what he is calling a "plain English" version of the Irish writer's avant-garde work Finnegans Wake. The translated version of this comic fiction novel has eclipsed over 175,000 pages and will take approximately 42 years to read.

Jump to Conclusions Game Wins Funding On Shark Tank

Tom Smykowski, a recently laid off engineering manager, found favor on ABC TV's Shark Tank for his game Jump to Conclusions.

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