Gish Gallop reached out to cows for their opinion on this new technology, but all we got were stares.

Dairy Industry Deploys Fracking Technology

Researchers at the Monsanto Center of Agricultural Development located at the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri have announced a breakthrough discovery using oil shale hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" technology to dramatically improve dairy cow milk production.
Applebee's Restaurants Nation's are the Number 1 Dining Destination for Nazis according to a new study.

Report: Applebee’s Restaurants Nation’s Number One Dining Destination for Nazis

A joint 8 month study conducted by the Rundex Family Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute has found that Nazis prefer the dining selection at Applebee's Restaurants by a factor of 2 to 1 over the next closest chain.
Visitors to Joe Rogan's Darwin Adventure will be able to experience wildlife up-close without the intervening Park Rangers.

Yellowstone National Park To Open Joe Rogan’s Darwin Adventures

The National Park Service, in conjunction with Bermuda-based vacation destination company BrightStar Adventures Limited has announced the nation's first "interactive wildlife petting zoo" nestled in West Yellowstone National Park.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders arguing on chamber floor for his "Enchirito Restoration Act of 2017"

Bernie Sanders Proposes “Enchirito Restoration Act of 2020”

In what some are calling some of the Vermont Senator's greatest achievements, Bernie Sanders took to the chamber floors yesterday afternoon to introduce what he's calling the Enchirito Restoration Act of 2017 which seeks to force fast food giant to re-introduce the enchilada-like item on its menu.
Frito-Lay brand snacks has declared their trial run of Ghost Pepper Challenge Cheetos a success.

Ghost Pepper Challenge Cheetos Promise “Ass Fire Hot” Experience

The makers of the popular Cheetosâ„¢ brand cheese snack Frito Layâ„¢ announced that trial runs of it Ghost Pepper Challenge version of the snack food has been a massive success.

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