Boris Johnson Dies in Freak Refrigerator Accident

After attempting to hide from the press, Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have died in a bizarre refrigerator accident.
Teenager Kevin Thomas has eaten nothing but Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and a bag of cough drops.

Teenager Eats Nothing but Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Grass Valley, CA -- Grass Valley, CA Father Craig Thomas is beside himself. For the past 2 years, his 15-year-old son Kevin has refused to eat anything but Kraft Macaroni...
The controversial Starbucks Hellraiser holiday cup.

Hellraiser Holiday Starbucks Cup Sends Area Woman to Hell

31-year-old Dawn Qualls found herself in the torturous and fiery pits of Hell over the weekend after ordering a Starbucks limited edition Holiday Hellraiser Carmel Machiatto.

Soul Kitchen Closes, Saying Penn Valley Not a Good Fit

Penn Valley's Angel's Soul Kitchen restaurant is apparently dead on arrival. The newly-opened 'Soul Kitchen' felt obliged to shut its doors after only 24 minutes of operation. There may be hope, however.
Denise Hancock announced to her fellow Chipotle workers that "she's just in it for the money."

Corporate Stock Buy Backs Allow Chipotle Worker to Continue to Live Just Above the...

Denise Hancock announced to her fellow Chipotle workers that she's excited about the almost 1 trillion dollars worth of corporate stock buy-backs.

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