Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Local entrepreneur Robert Mincy is looking to cash in on Truckee's booming economy by opening a family-style buffet on the Eastern shore of Donner Lake.

Camptonville Man Grows Giant Hairy Cock

Walter Truman is primarily an egg farmer in Camptonville, but in an attempt to make a better layer he also breeds chickens.

Jamba Juice Diet Leads to Type 2 Diabetes

Area man Jason Dubrey is now recovering from a month-long diet of Jamba Juice. Dubrey, 34, has been watching several online videos about weight loss and juice diets and decided last month to try a "30-day Juice fast."
Visitors to Joe Rogan's Darwin Adventure will be able to experience wildlife up-close without the intervening Park Rangers.

Yellowstone National Park To Open Joe Rogan’s Darwin Adventures

The National Park Service, in conjunction with Bermuda-based vacation destination company BrightStar Adventures Limited has announced the nation's first "interactive wildlife petting zoo" nestled in West Yellowstone National Park.
At a recent family night out, Grass Valley's Terry Adkinson took it upon himself to rank the value of different ethnic foods.

Area Racist Ranks the American Value of Ethnic Foods

Area racist and Trump supporter Terry Adkinson of Grass Valley made a point Sunday night to rank Ethnic food based on its "value" to society.

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