New Girl Scout Cookies Address Wage Inequality

This year the Girl Scouts of America have expanded their social outreach to include some of the more pressing issues confronting Women across the world. To accomplish this, the 103 year old organization has announced a limited-time line of what they are calling "awareness cookies" which will augment the current cookie offerings which include Carmel deLites, formerly known as Samoas, Peanut Butter Patties and the family hoarding favorite, Thin Mints.
Weight loss guru Jenny Craig has died after ingesting a Ding Dong.

Weight Loss Guru Jenny Craig Chokes To Death on a Ding Dong

The passing of an icon is never easy, and often steeped in irony. So it goes for Genevieve Guidroz Craig, better known to the world as weight loss guru, Jenny Craig. She was 83 years old.
Congressman Doug LaMalfa seen here enjoying is SNAP-purchased turkey hot dog.

House Republican Doug LaMalfa to Seek Food Stamps

California District 1 Republican Doug LaMalfa apparently has had a change of heart on his relatively recent vote to cut USDA Food Stamp funding after it was revealed that he has applied for the program.
Kraft Foods Heinz has announced a meat version of their popular Velveeta processed food product.

Velveeta Pilots New Line of Meat

The meat product, which is called Velmeata, is said to have a shelf life of almost 47 years and requires no refrigeration, according to company officials.
Jessica Orson is worried about her daughter GMOs

Area Mother Regrets Naming Her Child GMO

Nevada City mother of two Jessica Orson recently admitted to Gish Gallop that she regretted naming her 16 year old daughter Gabriele Michelle Orson, or GMO for short.

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