Megan Albright will not be terminated

Area Cashier Not Fired for Licking Cantaloupe

SPD Grocery Store checkout clerk Megan Albright will not be terminated for "taste testing" customer Cantaloupes. Ms. Albright, who has worked for the highly-praised local grocery story for almost a year, has been using an unique method to test produce for freshness.
The Courtesy Bucket from the Famous Lobster Buffet at the Boomtown Casino and "Resort"

Gish Gallop Review: Boomtown Famous Lobster Buffet

Like all buffets in casinos, there is a great deal of fanfare before one reaches the restaurant, which is typically buried in a obscure location within the bowels of the building. I have to admit, I was excited seeing all of the billboards on my approach.
California Senate Bill 4320.1 will ban all "single-use" toothpicks after 2022.

California to Ban Sandwich Toothpicks

California Senate Bill 4320.1 will ban all "single-use" toothpicks after 2022.
California Governor Jerry Brown seen here in front of a Irvine, CA In-n-Out burger commemorating LGBT Pride Month.

Gov. Jerry Brown Hangs Rainbow State Flag Outside Irvine In-n-Out Burger

At a grand opening of an In-n-Out burger in Irvine this morning, California Governor Jerry Brown unveiled a and LGBT Pride version of the State's flag. The event, which is supposed to coincide with the State's June celebration of LGBT pride month.
Urine is the secret ingredient in many San Francisco sourdough breads.

New Book: Urine Secret Ingredient in San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Long before Rice-a-Roni was 'the San Francisco treat,' the city by the bay was known for one of the most ancient form of bread making: Sourdough.

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