Urine is the secret ingredient in many San Francisco sourdough breads.

New Book: Urine Secret Ingredient in San Francisco Sourdough Bread

Long before Rice-a-Roni was 'the San Francisco treat,' the city by the bay was known for one of the most ancient form of bread making: Sourdough.
Frito-Lay brand snacks has declared their trial run of Ghost Pepper Challenge Cheetos a success.

Ghost Pepper Challenge Cheetos Promise “Ass Fire Hot” Experience

The makers of the popular Cheetosâ„¢ brand cheese snack Frito Layâ„¢ announced that trial runs of it Ghost Pepper Challenge version of the snack food has been a massive success.

Philip Morris/McDonald’s Team Up in New Marketing Campaign

The McDonald's corporation announced late this week that it plans on teaming up with Philip Morris International to create a "synergistic play between both companies" by labeling the popular children's Happy Mealâ„¢ with select cigarette brands.
Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Local entrepreneur Robert Mincy is looking to cash in on Truckee's booming economy by opening a family-style buffet on the Eastern shore of Donner Lake.
Applebee's Restaurants Nation's are the Number 1 Dining Destination for Nazis according to a new study.

Report: Applebee’s Restaurants Nation’s Number One Dining Destination for Nazis

A joint 8 month study conducted by the Rundex Family Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute has found that Nazis prefer the dining selection at Applebee's Restaurants by a factor of 2 to 1 over the next closest chain.

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