Area Man Discovers Chihuahua in Subway Sandwich

The long line at the local Subway Sandwich shop in Grass Valley's Fowler Center came to a brief halt on Friday when area B & C Hardware worker Rick Guzman found a whole, live Chihuahua puppy in his sandwich.
Megan Albright will not be terminated

Area Cashier Not Fired for Licking Cantaloupe

SPD Grocery Store checkout clerk Megan Albright will not be terminated for "taste testing" customer Cantaloupes. Ms. Albright, who has worked for the highly-praised local grocery story for almost a year, has been using an unique method to test produce for freshness.

Area Waitress Attempts to Serve Passive-Aggressive Customers

Area waitress Saylor Chrissy is tired of people with their smartphones ruining her day and the days of other hard working people by posting their negative reviews on Yelp.

How to Make Fucking Refried Beans, by Loretta Splitair

Your parenting guilt is easily fixed with the following recipe that not only your children will love, but it makes a kick-ass pot of refried beans.
The last fork shown here at the Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company.

Three Forks Bakery and Brewery Down to One Fork

According to insiders close to the popular Nevada City restaurant and brewery, the Three Forks Bakery & Brewery Company, might be down to just one fork.

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