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The Courtesy Bucket from the Famous Lobster Buffet at the Boomtown Casino and "Resort"

Gish Gallop Review: Boomtown Famous Lobster Buffet

Like all buffets in casinos, there is a great deal of fanfare before one reaches the restaurant, which is typically buried in a obscure location within the bowels of the building. I have to admit, I was excited seeing all of the billboards on my approach.

Neighbor Extends Friendship with Large Inedible Zucchinis

Grass Valley resident and home gardener Melba Felder decided it was time to be "neighborly" with the people on her street by sharing her large, overgrown, fibrous and mostly inedible Zucchini squashes with her Rhode Island Street neighbors.
Weight loss guru Jenny Craig has died after ingesting a Ding Dong.

Weight Loss Guru Jenny Craig Chokes To Death on a Ding Dong

The passing of an icon is never easy, and often steeped in irony. So it goes for Genevieve Guidroz Craig, better known to the world as weight loss guru, Jenny Craig. She was 83 years old.
Denny's Restaurants will now charge for an upgraded/premium service.

Denny’s To Charge For Premium Service

In order to generate more revenue and attract new customers, Denny's is adding a "tiered" service menu: good service, decent service or regular terrible service. The program is set to roll out in select cities next week.

Study: Red Meat Consumption Unrelated to Manliness

scientists have concluded there is no discernible correlation between the amount of red meat consumed and the raw masculinity of the men consuming it.

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