How to Make Fucking Refried Beans, by Loretta Splitair

Your parenting guilt is easily fixed with the following recipe that not only your children will love, but it makes a kick-ass pot of refried beans.
The last fork shown here at the Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company.

Three Forks Bakery and Brewery Down to One Fork

According to insiders close to the popular Nevada City restaurant and brewery, the Three Forks Bakery & Brewery Company, might be down to just one fork.
You can make your bottled ranch dressing interesting.

Pump-up Your Crappy Ranch Dressing, by Loretta Splitair

I have a have a helpful tip on how to turn a cheap bottled version of Ranch Dressing into something actually interesting.

BriarPatch Employee Enjoys Shopping at Grocery Outlet

BriarPatch employee Nathan Johnson enjoys shopping at the local discount grocery store Grocery Outlet. He can find everything he needs at a reasonable price.

Alcohol Industry Doing High Fives and Butt Bumps at Starbucks on Freeman Lane

Starbucks in Grass Valley is applying for a beer and wine license because it feels it will bring a “higher level of sophistication” to their already sophisticated ambiance. Everyone knows that alcohol availability, especially in a location with a drive-thru, lends sophistication.

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