Local Chinese Restaurant Offers New Insect Menu

A popular Penn Valley Chinese food eatery began this week offering insect-infested dishes. The most popular one seems to be baby cockroach soup.

New Auburn Costco Announces Shuttle Schedule

Auburn, CA -- Costco Wholesale Corporation announced a new Nevada County "Shop Shuttle" service schedule Thursday that will provide an easy way for locals to shop at...
Russ Feingold is not happy about his new Juice Diet

Juice Diet Threatens Marriage

Russ Feingold of Grass Valley is worried about the state of his marriage after starting a new all-juice diet. His wife of 18 years, Beth Feingold, saw a documentary on Netflix and decided to put Russ and herself on a "Juice Fast Challenge" for 7 days.

Mother of Three Serves Tacos As Sunday Meal

Chicago Park, CA -- Longtime Chicago Park resident and recent Southern California transplant Selena Ramirez attempted to serve her three children a dinner of tacos on a...

Brooklyn Grocery Squad Pushes for Grocery Store Express Lane Item Reduction

Brooklyn, New York -- The Brooklyn Grocery Reduction Office State Squad (or G.R.O.S.S) formally announced today on Independence Day, that they have enough votes to demand all grocery...

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