Margaret Vanda, staff scientist at MIT

MIT Scientists Successfully Clone Angus Young

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a team of world-renowned scientists led by AC/DC aficionado Fil “SoloDallas” Olivieri, announced they have successfully cloned rock guitar legend Angus Young.
Not even Miles Davis, nor his beard can help Seattle's Luca Morrison find his soul.

Soul Patch Fails to Give Hipster Man Soul

Seattle, WA -- For the past 15 years, Luca Morrison has sported a well-groomed soul patch on his chin. His outward appearance is that of an urbane...
Although most people knew John Denver for his bucolic songs about nature and love, his past was dark and full of despair.

John Denver: The Untold Story of a Vietnam Sniper

During the 1970s he was arguably the most popular performer in the United State and exported his unique brand of optimism around the globe. But few know of his darker past, which the talented bard fought an internal battle for the rest of his life.

24 hour Anniversary Of Pre-Party Safety Goers Disappearance From Dangerous Brooklyn Underground Abandon Party...

Brooklyn Underground, New York -- Today marks the 24-hour nonstop anniversary of the disappearance of 50 pre-party safety goers from the Underground Party Safety program that was...
Amanda Hyman is upset by the lack of transgenders in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Area Non-Binary Social Justice Warrior Disillusioned by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

New York City's Amanda Hyman, a self-proclaimed, non-binary Social Justice Warrior, is upset by the lack of actual transgender people in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She wants them to take 'Trans' out of their name.

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