Former Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten was impersonating one the Queen Elizabeth's guards, according to area resident Jennifer Johnson.

Johnny Rotten Impersonates Palace Guard

Westminster, England -- An American tourist snapped a photograph of what appeared to be John Lydon impersonating one of Queen Elizabeth II's guards in front of Buckingham...
Amanda Hyman is upset by the lack of transgenders in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Area Non-Binary Social Justice Warrior Disillusioned by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

New York City's Amanda Hyman, a self-proclaimed, non-binary Social Justice Warrior, is upset by the lack of actual transgender people in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She wants them to take 'Trans' out of their name.
Donald Trump to play Harold Hill in upcoming Broadway revival of the Music Man.

You Got Trouble: Donald Trump to Play The Music Man’s Harold Hill

Presidential and firebrand nationalist candidate Donald Trump will play the lead role in the upcoming Broadway revival of Meredith Wilson's The Music Man.
David Cassidy, who played teen heart-throb on the 1970s Partridge Family has died.

Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: David Cassidy Dead at 67

David Cassidy, a singer and actor whose androgynous features and jaunty voice made him a 1970s teen heartthrob on the "The Partridge Family" television show, died on Tuesday at age 67, his publicist said.
Margaret Vanda, staff scientist at MIT

MIT Scientists Successfully Clone Angus Young

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a team of world-renowned scientists led by AC/DC aficionado Fil “SoloDallas” Olivieri, announced they have successfully cloned rock guitar legend Angus Young.

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