Local Guitarist Accepts Demotion to Bass

A brave guitar player has agreed to "take one for the team."

Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt Spotted Together at Nevada City Tavern

California Governor Jerry Brown and pop singer Linda Ronstadt were back in the news this week when the two were spotted at a popular Nevada City, California tavern Friday night.
Although most people knew John Denver for his bucolic songs about nature and love, his past was dark and full of despair.

John Denver: The Untold Story of a Vietnam Sniper

During the 1970s he was arguably the most popular performer in the United State and exported his unique brand of optimism around the globe. But few know of his darker past, which the talented bard fought an internal battle for the rest of his life.
Margaret Vanda, staff scientist at MIT

MIT Scientists Successfully Clone Angus Young

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced they have successfully cloned rock guitar legend, Angus Young.
A photo taken after the Queen's performance for the Energy Advisors team.

Queen Stuns Private Buckingham Palace Audience With 16 Minute Sitar Jam

According to reports from inside Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II of England surprised a private gathering today when she played 3 songs on the sitar.

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