The Syrian band ISIS Fighters will perform in Sacramento this coming weekend.

ISIS Fighters to Perform in Sacramento

SIS Fighters, a famous punk band from eastern Syria, will be playing at Harlow's in Sacramento this weekend.
Iconic American performer Jerry Lewis is dead at 91.

Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: Jerry Lewis Dead at 91

Jerry Lewis, the comedian and filmmaker who was adored by many, disdained by others, but unquestionably a defining figure of American entertainment in the 20th century, died on Sunday morning at his home in Las Vegas.
Donald Trump to play Harold Hill in upcoming Broadway revival of the Music Man.

You Got Trouble: Donald Trump to Play The Music Man’s Harold Hill

Presidential and firebrand nationalist candidate Donald Trump will play the lead role in the upcoming Broadway revival of Meredith Wilson's The Music Man.

4 Killed, Several Wounded at Duran Duran Concert

In what's being described as a "tragic scene" during a stirring rendition of the "Reflex," several thousand small girls rushed the stage during a live Duran Duran performance at the Pshaw Millennium Park.
A fan snapped this picture of Ed Force One over Colorado earlier this week.

Ed Force One Investigated for Unauthorized Chemtrail Emissions

British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are being investigated for illegal chemtrail spraying with the use of their customized touring aircraft, the ex-Air France 747-400 jumbo jet known as Ed Force One.

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