Pink Floyd to Tour Without Pink Floyd Songs

The surviving members of legendary rock band Pink Floyd will reunite next year with a North American tour. A tour that the band says will be “on Pink Floyd's terms.”
Pat Robertson believes that his vitality is due to his daily consumption of liberal baby blood.

Pat Robertson Attributes Long Life to the Blood of “Sweet, Sweet Liberal Babies”

The controversial and unexpected comments where made during an interview on the Glenn Beck-un website The Blaze, which was celebrating the 38th Anniversary of The 700 Club.

CEO Admits “The Beyond” In Bed, Bath & Beyond Refers to Bi-Curious Males

The home retail giant's announcement has rocked the industry.

Black & Decker Orders Recall of Its Hands-Free Chainsaws

They were falling into the wrong hands.

Local Guitarist Accepts Demotion to Bass

A brave guitar player has agreed to "take one for the team."

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