Gish Gallop Review: Brunswick Basin’s Food is Crap

And that created a problem: what to do with a drained, formerly crap-filled lake? The answer was obvious. Fill it in with more crap like corporate stores, fast food joints and gasoline stations. Out with the old, and in with the same old shit.
Eminem seen here taunting the Detroit audience with multiple uses of the N-Word.

Eminem Accidentally Says N-Word at Rap Concert

Acclaimed and controversial Detroit-area rap artist Eminem caused quite a stir this past week after uttering the "N-Word" over 14 times during a recent performance in his home town.

Area Meat Cutter Has Had It With Chicken Breasts

Area meat cutter Paul Payne is just about out of patience with his customers. He's worked behind the counter as a meat cutter answering locals' questions about fish, meat and poultry for over 17 year. However late Monday night towards the end of his shift, he confided in his boss Joe Wright that he was sick and tired of explaining chicken breasts to his customers.

Mormon Graffiti Saves Man in Idaho Truck Stop

The Mormon church has been around since the mid 1800's by Joseph Smith under questionable pretenses. It has since grown to 14 million members around the world. The Mormons use all manner of recruiting tools to save souls.

Wife/Mother of 3 Describes Zac Efron as “Yummy” at Dinner Table

Cedar Ridge mother of three and wife of 18 years Deborah Rowe accidentally described handsome American actor Zac Efron as "Yummy."

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