Alcohol Industry Doing High Fives and Butt Bumps at Starbucks on Freeman Lane

Starbucks in Grass Valley is applying for a beer and wine license because it feels it will bring a “higher level of sophistication” to their already sophisticated ambiance. Everyone knows that alcohol availability, especially in a location with a drive-thru, lends sophistication.
Nevada City to host the Nation's first Gluten-only market

Nevada City to Host Nation’s First Gluten-Only Market

In a move co-sponsored by the Really REAL Friends of Nevada City and the Nevada County Republican Party, the quaint Sierra foothills community of Nevada City will host the nation's first and only 100% Gluten-only marketplace on July 11th.

Google to Introduce Smart Shoes With Upward Pointing Cameras

Google plans to introduce a new generation of smart shoes, which feature upward-pointing cameras"GoogleIO," the company's conference at San Francisco's Moscone Center.
BB King seen here in a Gish Gallop file photo from a 2003 interview.

Gish Gallop Salutes our Heroes: B.B. King, dies 89

B.B. King, the singer and guitarist who put the blues in a three-piece suit and took the musical genre from the barrooms and back porches of the Mississippi Delta to Carnegie Hall has died at 89.

ISIS Huge Fans of Jerry Bruckheimer Films, CIA Memo Claims

A declassified CIA memo claims that the Middle Eastern terrorist group ISIS have studied the tactics used in various Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay films.

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