Coldplay Promises Not to Put Super Bowl Fans To Sleep

Super Bowl fans attending the 50th mega NFL event breathed a sigh of relief on Friday when the halftime entertainment headlined by the British rock band Coldplay promised not to put everyone to sleep.

Monsanto Developing GMO Cannabis Seeds

The Monsanto Company announced this week that it plans on developing and eventually selling genetically modified cannabis seeds. The move, which was widely expected by industry insiders, comes at a time when many States are considering legalizing the controversial plant.
Violet Matenapolis

Commentary: Who Do I Have to Blow to Get A Meal Delivered in this...

I would happily pay a delivery charge-hell, I’d even tolerate a long wait time if it meant I didn’t have to put on pants, set down my Manhattan, drag my ass downtown, put out my cigarette, and talk to people. I shouldn’t have to talk to people to eat.

Local Man Accidentally Hits Share Button on Adult Web Site

A local 32 year old Grass Valley man has accidentally hit a "share" button on the popular pornography site ""

Amazon Echo Holds Family Hostage In Home

When the Johnsons took delivery of an echo, it created some controversy in their normally austere household. It also created an atmosphere of terror.

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