Flat Earther Thinks Hollow Earther is Dangerously Wrong

A Facebook argument broke out when a self-proclaimed Flat Earther accused a believer of the Hollow Earth Theory that he was not only out of touch, but also dangerously wrong.

Donald Trump Claims He Doesn’t Know Donald Trump

In what might be a new defense strategy, President Trump claims he's never met this so-called Donald Trump person.
A photo taken after the Queen's performance for the Energy Advisors team.

Queen Stuns Private Buckingham Palace Audience With 16 Minute Sitar Jam

According to reports from inside Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II of England surprised a private gathering today when she played 3 songs on the sitar.
Grace Bowles of Grass Valley is raising $40,000 to send Fleshlights to troops overseas.

Area Woman Raises Funds To Ship Fleshlights To Troops Overseas

Area women Grace Bowles has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Fleshlights to be deployed soldiers overseas.
Texas Outlaws Vegan Gravy

Texas Outlaws Vegan Gravy

Texas is the first state in the union to ban vegan gravy.

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