Biden Solidifies Progressive Base With Steve Hackett VP Nod

Joe Biden has chosen former Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett in an attempt to attract more Progressive voters.

Schiff’s Purple Parrot PowerPoint Animation Fails to Excite Drowsy Senators

Not everyone in the US Senate Chamber was impressed by Rep. Adam Schiff's PowerPoint skills.
Margaret Crowley of Grass Valley was hoping the new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would fill her existential void.

The Amazing Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Fails to Prevent Existential Crisis

A creeping and gnawing feeling that something isn't right continued its steady march for the 11th consecutive year as area woman Margaret Crowley failed to find enlightenment after purchasing the amazing and revolutionary Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
The last known unicorn was killed off by an illegal chemtrail reduction program.

Chemtrail Reduction Program Kills Off Last Unicorn

Sadness swept across the 'woo-o-sphere' late today as news spread that the last remaining  flying Unicorn was accidentally killed by a Chemtrail reduction program. The Redding, CA-based Chemtrail Action Network or CAN has been developing a patented anti-Chemtrail "shield system" for over 5 years largely with donations gathered from its website.

Fleshlight Goes Unclaimed at Area Lost and Found

According to an area supermarket manager, no one has come forward to claim an abandoned Fleshlight which was found in the produce section last week. The popular adult toy was discovered by an employee last week on the floor near the organic lettuces.

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