North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a scantily clad Richard Simmons. released by North Korea's News Agency

Richard Simmons To Aide North Korean Leaders Weight Loss

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's weight has been the subject of ridicule since taking power after his Father's death. Recently he became angered after John McCain called him, "the lil fat kid".
The United States has become a nation of butt-hurt.

America’s New War: Butt Hurt

As war rages in far away countries like Syria and Iraq, and women and children lay slain by the hand of Putin and ISIS, a new battle is being fought right here on the rough and tumble streets of America.

Spontaneous Flash Mob Breaks Out in Grocery Outlet

In a rare, but not unprecedented event, a flash mob spontaneously broke out late Wednesday afternoon inside of the Grass Valley, CA Grocery Outlet grocery store. Patrons both inside and out joined in the free-for-all melee and danced with mad abandon.
Angela White likes eating "ethnic food" and really is happy that Grass Valley has a decent Indian restaurant.

Area Woman Who Says “This Butter Chicken is Authentic” Never Been to India

Angela White is believes that a local restaurant's butter chicken is as good as in India despite having never visited the largely vegetarian Asian country.
Government officials are worried about the latest stupid Millennial Internet "challenge."

Government Officials Concerned About New “Railroad Track Challenge”

Government officials have issued a warning to be on the lookout for teenagers laying on railroad tracks across the country. The phenomena, which has was started on the Internet, is being called the "Railroad Track Challenge" and dares mostly young people to lay on railroad tracks and get up at the last minute as a train approaches.

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