Despite continually discussion in the media and in the blogosphere, Most Americans have no idea where this is.

Most Americans Still Unclear Where Benghazi Is

Despite Republican successes in national and local elections in the past six years, and a persistent media campaign in largely Right Wing news outlets, most Americans are still unclear where the hell Benghazi is.
INTERPOL Chief Inspector Marcel Douseau

Shocker: Paris Shooters Actually Christians

Paris police, in conjunction with Interpol, dropped a bombshell this morning. A manifesto uncovered during the investigation is now pointing investigators in a new, and unforeseen, direction.

Mormon Missionary Investigated For Belgium Terror Attack

The United Press International (UPI) announced that the European crime unit INTERPOL has confirmed that there is an open investigation of Mormon missionary, Mason Wells and his involvement in the Boston, Paris, and Brussels bombings.
A three year study by the Rundex Family Foundation has phone that regular cell phone use makes you happier.

Mobile Phone Radiation Makes You Happier

A study conducted by the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation has concluded that regular cell phone use makes you happier. The 3 year study, titled "Effects of Cell Phone Radio Frequency Signal Exposure on Brain Glucose Metabolism," was conducted by Rundex with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and found that using using a mobile phone as little as 50 minutes per day increases brain glucose metabolism by as much as 26%, which contributed to increased happiness.

Tropical Plants Invade North Dakota

Several invasive species of plant life including ferns, bamboo, palm trees and several varieties of psychedelic mushrooms once only native to Maui have been founding on the once relatively barren semi-tundra plains.

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