North Korean Missile Debris Found in Northern California

As major world powers attend an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to address the successful launch of a North Korean satellite this weekend, federal authorities flooded into Nevada County Sunday morning to investigate what is thought to be debris from Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s “friendly launch” into space.

Vladamir Putin: Obama, Clinton And Americans Are Pussies

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in an in-depth interview with CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour that will air on the CNN networks just prior to the Republican and Democrat national conventions, had some harsh words for the American public and their leaders.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seen here celebrating his successful hacking of the Coca-Cola formula.

North Korean Hackers Steal Coca-Cola Recipe

In an early morning tweet, the DPRK News Service announced that leader Kim Jong-un had his first drink of that they're calling the "imperialist liquor" made on Korean soil.
Mr. Dumpty expressed his doubts about Mr. Trump ever fully recovering.

Trump Hopes His Men and Horses Can Fix a Bad Egg

While the wall on the Mexican border is anticipated by many to keep Americans safer, God Emperor Trump found out how perilous the wall can be for both people and Mexicans.

Yellowstone Caldera Openly Mocks Chile’s Calbuco Volcano

In a rare public appearance, the Yellowstone Caldera mocked Chile's Calbuco volcano for a less that stellar eruption late Thursday night.

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