“What Would Reagan do with Iran?” Asks Colorado Springs Woman

As an avid and self-proclaimed "news junkie," the stay-at-home mother of two monitors several websites hourly for the news that impacts her life. Recently, she asked her Facebook friends, "[w]hat would Ronald Reagan do about the pending Iran nuclear deal?"
According to a report by the International labor rights activist group Workers United, conditions inside several of China's puffed rice factories are appalling.

Labor Activists: Stop Chinese Puffed Rice Production

International labor rights advocates are calling for extensive changes on puffed rice production after an inside investigation by PBS's Frontline reveals appalling and perhaps illegal working conditions inside one of China's largest puffed rice factories.
Donald Trump seen here reading the 1988 book by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman Manufacturing Consent.

Donald Trump Caught Reading Noam Chomsky

President Donald Trump was photographed today reading the Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media during some downtime between G20 meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Ancient Egyptian Discovery a Great Disappointment

Archaeologists working near the site of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, famed cultural center of the ancient world, uncovered a massive trove of parchments, scrolls, and manuscripts this week, calling it, "the single greatest Anthropological disappointment in history."
Hillary Clinton denies any involvement with a Reptilian Conspiracy

Wikileaks: The Clinton Plan for Reptilian Control

The international non-profit journalistic organization Wikileaks released a series of Hillary Clinton campaign emails yesterday that suggest the United States government is working with a alien reptilian force to both control and enslave humanity.

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