Yuba River Male Gender, Not Female Study Finds

According to researchers at the influential Rundex Family Foundation in Palo Alto, CA, the three forks Yuba River should be referred to using male adjectives.

Biblical Archaeologists Find Noah’s Ark in Nevada City, CA

Archaeologists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist Universities have discovered remnants of Noah's Ark on the side of a Nevada City, CA mountain.

People Have Chemtrail Breath Internet Researcher Claims

A North San Juan man has completed an exhaustive Internet study to reveal that humans have something called "Chemtrail Breath."

Kim Jong-un to Visit the United States

In an unprecedented announcement North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has released a statement saying he plans to visit the U.S.
David Bowie's remains will travel on a North Korean rocket.

David Bowie’s Ashes to be Carried By North Korean Rocket

A spokesman for Mainman productions, David Bowie's production company, has said that rock star's ashes will be carried by a Rodong-1 rocket into space later this month.

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