Plastic Bag Ban Threatens Garbage Patch Vortex, Organizer Says

Angela Hansen organized the grassroots effort to save the Pacific Garbage Vortex Patch when she realized that the new ban would force local residents to bring their own paper or canvas bags while shopping.

Researchers: Hitler’s Grave Found Outside of Sierra City, CA

After recent revelations that Hitler may have not committed suicide inside his Berlin bunker in April of 1945, a crack team of anthropologists and archaeologists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist Universities set out to find Hitler's grave.
Despite continually discussion in the media and in the blogosphere, Most Americans have no idea where this is.

Most Americans Still Unclear Where Benghazi Is

Despite Republican successes in national and local elections in the past six years, and a persistent media campaign in largely Right Wing news outlets, most Americans are still unclear where the hell Benghazi is.

Bottled Water Store Opening Soon In Grass Valley

Earlier this week, two local businessmen announced plans to open what they believe is the county's first bottled water only store.
Vice President-elect mentioned Chemtrails several times today during an interview with Fox News.

Mike Pence Embraces Chemtrails

Vice President Mike Pence made a comment on Fox News today that he supports investigating claims that the government is manipulating the environment with Chemtrails.

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