Caltech Scientist: Facebook Doesn’t Exist

According to CalTech astrophysicist Dr. Tral Aldrich, there is a distinct possibility that Facebook doesn't exist the way we have come to understand it. Dr. Aldrich, who has written extensively on String Theory and alternative universes, maintains that what we see and perceive may not be real
Hillary Clinton denies any involvement with a Reptilian Conspiracy

Wikileaks: The Clinton Plan for Reptilian Control

The international non-profit journalistic organization Wikileaks released a series of Hillary Clinton campaign emails yesterday that suggest the United States government is working with a alien reptilian force to both control and enslave humanity.

Keith Richards Found Not Dead in San Francisco Hotel

Emergency personnel were summoned to the posh Bourges Hotel in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf District this morning. In an official briefing at 10 am, Pacific time, in the Bourges convention hall, Ms. D’lune spoke through tears to the media.
The Toyota Motor Company signed an exclusive 10-year deal with the terrorist Group ISIS.

Toyota Signs 10-Year Sponsorship Deal with the Islamic State

The Toyota Motor Corporation reportedly struck a 10-year sponsorship deal with the Islamic State (ISIS,ISIL), aligning themselves alongside the world's leading global terrorist organization.

Chemtrailer Expresses Crude Sense of Humor

Recently promoted chemtrail pilot Barry Kenner of Marysville, CA saw an opportunity to express his humorous side recently and decided to augment a cloud that resembled a male human organ.

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