Yellowstone Caldera Openly Mocks Chile’s Calbuco Volcano

In a rare public appearance, the Yellowstone Caldera mocked Chile's Calbuco volcano for a less that stellar eruption late Thursday night.

Ancient Egyptian Discovery a Great Disappointment

Archaeologists working near the site of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, famed cultural center of the ancient world, uncovered a massive trove of parchments, scrolls, and manuscripts this week, calling it, "the single greatest Anthropological disappointment in history."
Ponce de León Fountain of Youth has been found outside of Orlando, FL. And it's a fluoride spring and a highway retention pond.

Florida Researchers Discover World’s First Natural Fluoride Spring

A team of University of Florida researchers led by esteemed Bio-Archaeologist Dr. Mark Todd Davis have discovered what they believe is the world's first and only natural fluoride spring out side the Orlando city limits.
A Canadian popular culture show claims that Justin Bieber and Justin Trudeau might be related.

Shocker: Justin Bieber and Justin Trudeau Possibly Related

A shocking report from the popular Canadian Broadcast Corporation show Insider has revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and pop music icon Justin Bieber are possibly step brothers.

UK Birds Fuming Over Austerity

Birds across the United Kingdom have taken-up smoking to reduce hunger pains caused by the government's recent austerity measures.

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