Graffiti Artist Banksy Arrested At Art Exhibit In Palestine; Identity Revealed

The elusive graffiti artist, political activist, painter, film director and long time fugitive that for years has gone by the pseudonymous name of Banksy, was arrested early this morning by Palestine Police.

Biblical Archaeologists Find Noah’s Ark in Nevada City, CA

Archaeologists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist Universities have discovered remnants of Noah's Ark on the side of a Nevada City, CA mountain.
Pacquiao explained his recent outbursts as a result of his waning career leaving him without a homoerotic outlet

Homophobic Boxer Manny Pacquiao Suffers Breakdown, Admits Homosexuality

In a tearful interview, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao confirmed rumors that he was being investigated by Federal authorities in the Philippines after a string of complaints by sparring partners alleging non-consensual fondling.
The Toyota Motor Company signed an exclusive 10-year deal with the terrorist Group ISIS.

Toyota Signs 10-Year Sponsorship Deal with the Islamic State

The Toyota Motor Corporation reportedly struck a 10-year sponsorship deal with the Islamic State (ISIS,ISIL), aligning themselves alongside the world's leading global terrorist organization.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seen here celebrating his successful hacking of the Coca-Cola formula.

North Korean Hackers Steal Coca-Cola Recipe

In an early morning tweet, the DPRK News Service announced that leader Kim Jong-un had his first drink of that they're calling the "imperialist liquor" made on Korean soil.

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