President Trump will ask military to hunt down the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

Donald Trump Says His ‘Guys’ Will Find Ark of Covenant and Holy Grail In...

President Donald J. Trump, with an eye toward the coming year, has started divulging details on his First 100 Day agenda. After securing the Ark, Trump said his "guys" will then set their sights on the cup that, according to ancient mythology, caught the blood of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.

Exclusive Interview With Time Traveler John Titor

Famous time traveler John Titor admitted in a recent interview that his warning of a dim and apocalyptic future, were fabricated in order to spice up what he said was a very boring and ordinary existence in 2036.

Boris Johnson Dies in Freak Refrigerator Accident

After attempting to hide from the press, Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have died in a bizarre refrigerator accident.
Tupac Shakur and Osama bin Laden seen here outside the recording studio.

Tupac/Osama bin Laden Team Up for New Album

After years of industry speculation and rumor, American superstar rapper Tupac Shakur and renown international terrorist Osama bin Laden have joined forces for the first time to create the world's first cross-cultural rap album.
Hollywood actor Jeremy James filmed what experts believe is evidence of a weapon used to start the Malibu forest fire.

Video: Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Used In Malibu

Directed Energy Weapons or DEWs have been used in the recent Malibu, CA fires.

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