A recent study released by the concludes that you will get less brain cancer if you switch to AT&T.

AT&T Wireless: Get Less Brain Cancer With Us

AT&T Mobility along with its recent television provider DirecTV released a statement announcing that their service has lower rates of cancer than leading competitor Verizon Wireless.
President Donald Trump doesn't want Muslims in his Christian country.

President Trump Signs Executive Order Officially Classifying U.S. As Alternative Christian Nation

Despite Republicans' eight year criticism of former President Barack Obama's use of executive orders, their newly inaugurated commander in chief has not been shy to write several himself in just his first week in office.
One of the first prototypes of the new "Burning Person" to be featured at next year's festival.

Burning Man Renamed Burning Person

In a move that many on the right have called ‘long overdue’, the Burning Man Festival will be officially changing its name to the Burning Person Festival in solidarity with the modern social justice movement and gender rights.

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