A study by the Rundex Family Foundation found that exposure to Chemtrails leads to spelling errors.

Study: Chemtrail Exposure Impacts Spelling Abilities

A 14 month study conducted by NASA in cooperation with the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation has concluded that exposure over time to Chemtrails impacts one's ability to spell and construct a coherent argument.

Taj Mahal Attacked By New Jersey Militia

The national usCrow affiliate militia the New Jersey Minutemen briefly seized control of the Trump Taj Mahal briefly over the weekend on an anonymous tip that the struggling casino and resort was harboring Islamic terrorists.
Local law enforcement are at a loss to explain how and why someone stole the infamous Georgia Guidestones.

Officials Baffled Over Stolen Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones, which is a mysterious granite monument erected in the early 1980s that contains a set of 10 guidelines in eight modern languages, has been stolen according to Elbert County Sheriff officials.
Earth-bound reptilian overlords are fattening humanity for harvesting by the Anunnaki

The Anunnaki’s Ancient Plan to Harvest Humans

The "fattening of the world" is a deliberate attempt by earth-bound Reptilian overlords to prepare humanity for harvesting by a visiting extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki.
The clothes in this dryer, according to its owner, were "over dried."

Dryer Lint: Should You Be Worried?

Should you be worried about dryer lint? Well the answer is yes according to researchers at the Rundex Family Foundation located in Palo Alto, CA.

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