Taj Mahal Attacked By New Jersey Militia

The national usCrow affiliate militia the New Jersey Minutemen briefly seized control of the Trump Taj Mahal briefly over the weekend on an anonymous tip that the struggling casino and resort was harboring Islamic terrorists.

ISIS “Poop Beards” Used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Following a recent and sensational report that men's beards as dirty as toilets, the Middle Eastern terrorist group known as ISIL or ISIS has decided to put their mandatory Islamic facial hair to good use: they're loading their beards up with deadly bacteria.

Area Engineer Declares War on Fiction, Reads Only Manuals

People who believe this stuff have serious mental issues. People who push this fakery are both deranged and probably criminals.

The Top 7 Things Foreign Tourists Need to Understand About America

As an native-born and now an Indian living in the United States, I have learned a few things about this peculiar culture. I have decided to share them with others who might visit America.

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