A picture of Amelia Brushworn's dog found on her North Bloomfield, CA home.

Pet Anti-Vaccination Advocate Dies From Rabies

A Northern Californian woman has died after being attacked by her rabid dog, authorities reported yesterday. Amelia Brushworn of North Bloomfield, California was found dead at her home by relatives.

Mysterious Air Force Space Vehicle Actually a Taco Truck

The appearance of an apparent long-silvery space vehicle in the downtown Grass Valley, CA Safeway parking lot has been verified as an out-of-town Taco Truck and not a US Air Force surveillance device.
Maeve Zephyr Crow and her partner Floura Klia Purae Omallia demonstrating an anti-vaccine ritual at the Columbia Schoolhouse

Area Wicca Practitioners Replace Vaccines with Witchcraft

In what some are hailing as a breakthrough in the movement, local anti-vaccine activists and Wicca practitioners have teamed up to prevent childhood vaccinations and treat Autism with Witchcraft.
The residents of Sierra City, CA are readying themselves for helicopters

Bilderberg Group to Meet in Sierra City in 2020

The annual private meeting of North American and European elites known as the Bilderberg Group announced this week that they will be holding their annual conference at Herrington's Sierra Pines Resort in May of 2019.
What was thought to be a dead body in a local home was really just lazy teenager Kevin Thomas.

Body Found in Bed Just a Lazy Teenager

Police were called to the 11000 block of Rhode Island Street this week after residents of the home discovered what they thought was a dead body in one of the beds.

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