Retired teacher David Blakemore speaks with local high school students about his nightmares at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Area Boomer Recalls the 3 Days He Spent in the Woodstock Festival Traffic Jam

Retired 10th grade English teacher David Blakemore of Nevada City recent spoke to a small gathering in Nevada Union High School's drama department about his exciting adventures during the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

Area Man Discovers Chihuahua in Subway Sandwich

The long line at the local Subway Sandwich shop in Grass Valley's Fowler Center came to a brief halt on Friday when area B & C Hardware worker Rick Guzman found a whole, live Chihuahua puppy in his sandwich.
Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA is not sure what he's preparing for anymore.

Area Survivalist Not Sure What He’s Preparing For

Area survivalist and cattle rancher Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA has spent over 15 years collection and storing food and weapons in his backyard underground bunker when it occurred to him this week that he had no idea what he was preparing for.
Despite continually discussion in the media and in the blogosphere, Most Americans have no idea where this is.

Most Americans Still Unclear Where Benghazi Is

Despite Republican successes in national and local elections in the past six years, and a persistent media campaign in largely Right Wing news outlets, most Americans are still unclear where the hell Benghazi is.
Ernest Dahlman is quite sure what kind of white racist he is.

Area Man Confused About What Kind of Racist He Is

Third generation local Norwegian resident Ernest Dahlman is not quite sure what kind of "white racist" he's supposed to me. Mr. Dahlman, 42, once recently called a "white racist" on a local Facebook comment thread and immediately became confused on just what kind of white person he was.

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