A pair of mating California Condors were spotted in a Grass Valley cell phone tower.

California Condor Nest Spotted in Area Cell Tower

Earlier this week, several people reported what seemed to be a pair of birds in the Glenbrook Basin area building what appeared to be a large nest.

Outrage: The Union Newspaper Publishing Fake News

Gish Gallop has learned that The Union newspaper is publishing fake news.
Artist's rendition of the proposed Sierra Buttes project. Yeah, you get what you pay for. No lip.

Sierra Buttes to Become Huge Rock Sculpture of African-Americans

In what may prove a bonanza for local tourism and a boost for racial harmony, President Obama has just signed an executive memorandum calling for the creation of a Mount Rushmore-like creation on the Sierra Buttes celebrating great African Americans.

“A Chorus Line” Briefly Stops Traffic on Highway 49

The drive to North San Juan, CA became a little trickier on Sunday when the entire cast from A Chorus Line temporarily blocked all lanes of highway 49 traffic in an impromptu dance.

Area Chemtrail Activist to Collect & Test Toenail Clippings

Area community and chemtrail activist Saihra Ramun announced to a crowd out in front of Nevada City's New York Hotel that she plans on going door-to-door collecting toenail clippings to test for traces of chemtrails.

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