Local Bloggers Wish to Return to a Simpler “No Child Left Behind” Time

The local Nevada County blogosphere is actively debating the merits or vices of the Common Core education standards.
File photo: Tahoe paddle boat often seen on Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Cruise Ship Sinks, 312 Not Dead

Lake Tahoe, a world renowned playground paradise, fell prey today to a disaster of epic proportion.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg to Put Select Facebook Groups on a “Time Out”

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will put several Nevada County Facebook Groups on a "time out" until they can get their histrionic behavior under control.

Trader Joe’s to Nevada County: Please Shut Up

In an unusual press release from the grocery giant, Trader Joe's Director of Marketing James Washburn has told the citizens of Nevada County to "...shut the hell up, already. We heard you. We get it. You want a Trader Joe's."

Traffic on Highway 49 Blocked by Bounce House

Local child entertainment specialist and owner of Big Giggles Bounce Houses Jerry Dodge, parked his Ford Econoline 350 van just south of Lime Kiln Road and inflated one of his Bounce Houses in the right hand lane of Highway 49.

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