Robocop seen here at Nevada Union High School as a part of the Sheriff's outreach program.

Sheriff Robocop Conducting Criminal Investigations of California Propositions

Nevada County, CA -- Nevada County Sheriff Keith "Buford T. Robocop" Royal announced Monday afternoon that his department is conducting active investigations of statewide propositions 45, 46,...

Misc. Crap for Sale in Cedar Ridge

Really just a bunch of crap to put with your existing crap
Rick Guzman

Area Hardware Employee Skillfully Avoids Eye Contact

Rick Guzman has been working in hardware for almost 9 years and has become an expert at avoiding customer eye contact.
At a recent family night out, Grass Valley's Terry Adkinson took it upon himself to rank the value of different ethnic foods.

Area Racist Ranks the American Value of Ethnic Foods

Area racist and Trump supporter Terry Adkinson of Grass Valley made a point Sunday night to rank Ethnic food based on its "value" to society.

Board of Supervisors to Supply Local Halloween Blood

As Halloween approaches, a Nevada County Attorney is stocking his wine cellar with the blood of Nevada County taxpayers. The October 27th Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting agenda Consent Calendar requests an additional $150,000 to Count Tolancuono’s Grass Valley law firm.

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