A new Study by the Rundex Family Foundation suggests you are more likely to get injured from a falling can than a Muslim refugee.

Study: Local Grocery Outlet Supermarket More Dangerous Than Muslim Refugees

A 3 month emergency study by the Palo Alto-base Rundex Family Foundation has concluded that you are more like to be injured shopping in the Grass Valley Grocery Outlet Supermarket, than from a refugee from one of the 7 recently banned countries.

“Red Dog Jane” Ghost Spotted on Highway 20

The circumstances behind Janie H. Barnes' 1941 death are still a mystery. According to scant police records, Ms. Barnes was apparently walking alone towards Truckee during the early morning hours of September 6th, 1941 on what is now Highway 20.

Area Man Bravely Refuses to Apologize for Being White

Local stalwart and proud patriot Wes Ford of Lake of the Pines, CA recently took to social media to proclaim his unwillingness to apologize for many of his traits.

Black Vehicles Show Caring Side of the Grass Valley Police

Police supporters point out that the dark, foreboding "vibe" of the new vehicles is really an attempt to show the caring side of local law enforcement.

Local Christian Scientist Not Really A Scientist/Christian

Local anti-vaccine activist, mother of two children and unknowing proponent of Natural Selection Lisa Fellows is not a Christian Scientist as she has recently claimed on her children's vaccine schedule form required by local schools. In fact, she's not even a Christian.

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