Mega Mosque Planned Next to Mega Church

A new "mega mosque" is slated to open next to Twin Cities Church sometime next year, according to developers working on the project.

Gish Gallop Admits Error/Promises a ‘Non-Fake’ Future

he Nevada County Gish Gallop was recently called a “Fake News Site” on Wikipedia, a description recently attached to Gish Gallop by Snopes, the leading debunking source for people trying to determine if information is true.
APART eye flag

Patriot Militia Group “Preparing for War” If Clinton Wins Presidency

Remus and his APART cohorts made headlines earlier this year when the group conducted a pre-dawn raid on a suspected terrorist training camp located in a remote section of Charlotte County, VA.
Heather Donna Hue wearing the petition campaign T shirt

Petition To Rename Town “Nevada Fucking City” Approved

A petition to change Nevada City's name to "Nevada Fucking City" has garnered enough signatures from residents to put the question to voters in the next election.

Sheriff Announces Initiative to “Search and Cite” Vegetable Gardens

Following up on last week's decision by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to enact an urgent ordinance eliminating outdoor marijuana grows, an anonymous tipster contacted Gish Gallop to disclose another related action taken by local authorities.

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