Area Cloud Seeder Hoping for a Chemtrail Promotion

The former Navy Pilot and current cloud seeding captain of a Evergreen 747 based out of Beale Air Force base, has been eyeing the coveted Chemtrail Captain position ever since he joined Evergreen's gioengineering fleet back in 2006.
Remnants of the "gang" of Jehovah's Witnesses handy work.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Cited For Attacking Christmas Decorations

A group of Jehovah's Witnesses were cited early this week for removing Christmas decorations in a Cedar Ridge neighborhood. The group, not normally known for such aggressive, anti-holiday activity, spent several hours in the early Monday morning removing decorations in the Summerset Drive neighborhood and replacing them with eraser-less, #2 "Birthday Jesus" pencils.
Anarcho-Capitalist David 'X' and Anarcho-Communist Pete had it out on Facebook over the weekend.

Area Anarcho-Capitalist Thinks Local Anarcho-Communist is Full of Crap

A rather heated argument broke out over the weekend between an area Anarcho-Capitalist and an Anarcho-Communist about which form of Anarchism is superior to the other.
Retired teacher David Blakemore speaks with local high school students about his nightmares at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Area Boomer Recalls the 3 Days He Spent in the Woodstock Festival Traffic Jam

Retired 10th grade English teacher David Blakemore of Nevada City recent spoke to a small gathering in Nevada Union High School's drama department about his exciting adventures during the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

Area Man Discovers Chihuahua in Subway Sandwich

The long line at the local Subway Sandwich shop in Grass Valley's Fowler Center came to a brief halt on Friday when area B & C Hardware worker Rick Guzman found a whole, live Chihuahua puppy in his sandwich.

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