The residents of Sierra City, CA are readying themselves for helicopters

Bilderberg Group to Meet in Sierra City in 2019

The annual private meeting of North American and European elites known as the Bilderberg Group announced this week that they will be holding their annual conference at Herrington's Sierra Pines Resort in May of 2019.

Pat Robertson Blames Burning Man For Hurricanes

Many of Robertson's loyal supporters have come to his defense, including Laura Swanson, she said, "those people have a one way ticket to hell with all of their fornicating and drug use."
As many as 1000 puppies have been separated from their mothers at the US/Mexican border.

ICE detains Illegal Puppies at Border

The Border Patrol office in Arizona has been inundated with protesters and phone calls, including large groups from PETA as well as the ACLU.
Alt-Right mascot Pepe the Frog was accidentally sautéed and eaten at a local restaurant.

Alt-Right Mascot, Pepe the Frog, Accidentally Eaten at Area Cafe

Pepe the Frog, beloved mascot of the alt-right movement, was inadvertently sauteed and consumed at Ike's Quarter Cafe in Nevada City yesterday afternoon. Pepe, whose avatar is used by many commenters on 4chan, Reddit, and Breitbart News, was sitting in the outdoor terraced dining area when he was approached by the busser, Tyler "Earbud" Fulcrum.
Pet Cougar "Mittens" seen on the Johnson's cedar Ridge front lawn.

Pet Cougar Makes Area Neighbors Nervous

Residents of the usually quiet and worry free neighbor of Somerset Drive have something to occupy their minds. Their Neighbors have just acquired a pet cougar.

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