Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Local entrepreneur Robert Mincy is looking to cash in on Truckee's booming economy by opening a family-style buffet on the Eastern shore of Donner Lake.
Area 22 year old John Scott has vowed to get up as much as 30 minutes earlier in attempts to appease his angry parents.

Area 22 Year Old to Fix his “Sleeping in to 2 pm Problem” by...

An area man has decided to get his life in order after his mother threatened to kick him out. Area part time working and 2014 Nevada Union High School graduate John Scott of Grass Valley has decided to make the life-changing move of waking up at 1:30pm instead of his usual 2:00 pm.

Truckee Couple Freezes To Death Awaiting Star Wars Opening

A Truckee, California couple sadly passed away late last night as they sat waiting in the sub-freezing temperatures for the premiere of Star Wars. Bill and Melynda Gates [no relation to Microsoft mogul Bill Gates] decided earlier this week to camp out at the NorthStar Resort Village Cinemas in order to be first in line to see this holiday season's movie blockbuster.
astor Preston had been dead--effectively brain-dead--for over fifteen minutes by the time he arrived at the hospital. Now he's an atheist.

Area Pastor Defies Death, Converts to Atheism

A local pastor had a bit of a scare recently when he dropped dead of a heart attack. First responders were unable to revive him at the scene, and a defibrillator had zero impact as he was completely dead.
Area Senior Can't Stop Computer From Printing

Area Senior Citizen Can’t Stop Computer From Printing

 Reynaldo M. Rodriguez's printer has stopped working correctly. Mr. Rodriguez prints "every god-damned email" he gets because he's afraid he'll lose it.

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