Area Senior Can't Stop Computer From Printing

Area Senior Citizen Can’t Stop Computer From Printing

 Reynaldo M. Rodriguez's printer has stopped working correctly. Mr. Rodriguez prints "every god-damned email" he gets because he's afraid he'll lose it.
"Russian" hackers have claimed responsibility for placing adult movies on an area high schools JumboTron. Source: High School Senior Kevin Thomas.

Russians Hack Local High School JumboTron with Porn

A Russian hacking group is claiming responsibility for seizing control of an area high school stadium's JumboTron television and running porn on it for over 4 hours earlier today.
St. George, Kansas soybean farmer Davis Lipton says he was paid to make up a story of about a Nevada City local activist's travels.

Kansas Farmer Denies Ever Meeting Traveling Nevada City Activist

Just days after announcing her documentary project, Nevada City activist Saihra Ramun is having to explain how several Kansas farmers mentioned in her memoirs claim to have never met the Sierra Foothills firebrand.
Southern California actress Delma Constantine will play Nevada City resident Saihra Ramun in an upcoming documentary/biopic.

Area Woman To Film Her Harrowing Journey Across Kansas

Today, like many other days in Ms. Ramun's recent life, found our activist out in front of the New York Hotel on Broad Street with her trusty bull horn announcing to locals and frightened tourists that she was finally going to document what she is now calling "They Called Me A Dumbass".
A pair of mating California Condors were spotted in a Grass Valley cell phone tower.

California Condor Nest Spotted in Area Cell Tower

Earlier this week, several people reported what seemed to be a pair of birds in the Glenbrook Basin area building what appeared to be a large nest.

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