President Donald Trump seen here touring a Boeing 767 airplane outfitted with chemtrail gear.

Donald Trump Tours Chemtrail Plane, Promises to Terminate Program

Donald Trump accompanied by select members of his cabinet toured a chemtrail-outfitted dispersal airplane at Andrews Air Force Base yesterday afternoon, according to a news report today.

US To Bomb New Zealand Following Oil Discovery

After recent discoveries of natural gas and oil deposits in the tiny island-country, President Trump via Executive Order immediately declared war on New Zealand.
White House Communication Director Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci grabbing Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders by the Mooch.

Leaked: Former White House Communication Director Caught with His Hand in a Mooch

A leaked White House pool photograph shows a controversial picture of staffers on a flight to a campaign-style Trump rally in Wisconsin in 2016.
George Zimmerman seen here walking out with his signature Adam & Eve bag filled with "toys"

Former Cellmate to Auction George Zimmerman’s Prison Dildo

Though he's a free man now, for several months George Zimmerman was in jail while he stood trial for killing Trayvon Martin. One of the men who spent time in the same cell as Zimmerman will auction what he calls a "prison dildo" the two shared.
Piles of unclaimed luggage at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport during Mercury Retrograde.

TSA Luggage Disaster Blamed on Mercury Retrograde

After thousands of bags have become lost or misplaced at airports across the country, officials at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport blamed the mishaps on an astrological phenomena called "Mercury Retrograde."

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