The Virgina-based patriot group APART has plans to replace the Statue of Liberty with a large monument of General Robert E. Lee.

Patriot Group to Replace Lady Liberty with Robert E. Lee

A militia-patriot group announced that it will petition the government to replace the Statue of Liberty located in New York Harbor with a giant monument of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate General who commanded the Northern part of Virgina during the Civil War.

Easter Facebook Post Creates Zombie Hysteria

Facebook user Raymond Wallersnoot started his day as many of us do, by checking Facebook. That's when his trouble began.
Big game warden Jeff "One Shot" Adams works for the Department of the Interior and will be "darting" unvaccinated children.

FDA Approves Vaccination Dart Guns for Schools

After several recent incidents involving school children who have put larger communities at risk, the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) has approved Vaccination "Dart Guns" to inoculate unvaccinated children as they arrive at school.
Donald Trump has announced via Twitter that rocker Ted Nugent has been nominated for the yet-formed Department of the NRA.

Trump Names Ted Nugent as Acting Secretary of the NRA

In a surprise late-night announcement, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he has asked veteran conservative rocker Ted Nugent to head the Department of the NRA.

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