Oklahoma, Texas Successfully Outsource Fracking Earthquakes to Nepal

Americans rejoiced late Monday when a group of industry scientists announced the ability to outsource fracking-induced earthquakes to Nepal.

Riots Break Out as Baltimore Runs Dangerously Low on Toilet Paper

A state of emergency has been declared in Baltimore as the city transforms into 'an absolute war zone' following complete exhaustion of all toilet paper supplies.
UPS touting its ability to pull off the NCAA Final Four. And their tacit support for bigotry.

Commentary: UPS Hopes You Don’t Notice Their Indiana Problem

United Parcel Service recently launched a series of advertisements touting its ability to make the NCAA's "March madness" Final Four Basketball tournament a reality in Indianapolis.

76% of NBC News Employees Resign After Ethics Certification Training

After attending a mandatory business conduct and ethics training, 76% of NBC News employees simply resigned.

Busted ISIS Cell Praised New Costco Auburn, CA Documents Reveal

Nevada County, CA -- Documents obtained by Gish Gallop following the recent bust of a local ISIS sleeper cell reveal that the terrorist group was pleased that...

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