Lawn Darts Back In Vogue

Are Lawn Darts, the new black? Washington D.C. -- The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today, just in time for the 2014 Christmas shopping season, the reinstatement of...

Chillax: Michael Brown

World, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe -- So, no indictment. Long grand jury process. Obama speaks. America listens? The prosecutor was meticulous. And he acknowledged that Michael Brown was...
What Do People Think About Bill Cosby's Honorary Wellesley College Degree?

What Do People Think About Bill Cosby’s Honorary Wellesley College Degree?

Bill Cosby recently received an honorary degree from the prestigious Women's School Wellesley College. What Do Americans across the country think of this?
Retired Colonel and Civil Engineer Jack Ripper

Scabies/Lost Jobs Occupy Local Activist’s Mind

Nevada County, CA -- Local Conservatives, in a flip of a popular Progressive aphorism, have announced that they are "acting globally and thinking locally" about the recent immigration...
Roger Goodell announcing switch to flag football

NFL Commissioner: Big Changes Coming to the NFL

New York, NY --Embattled National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell made a surprise announcement at a hastily called press conference on Friday. Due to his botched handling...

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