Following the Las Vegas shooting, Trump supporters took to Facebook demanding the travel ban be expanded to all 50 states. Trump seen here showing off his executive order banning Muslims from entering the country.

Trump Supporters Demand Expanding Travel Ban to All 50 States

Following the horrific domestic terrorist attack in Las Vegas that has left over 50 people dead and hundreds injured, Trump supporters have taken to social media demanding that President Trump expand his recent travel ban to include all 50 States.
The socialist MyFreeRock festival in La Brea, CA is being sued for piracy.

Socialist “#MyFreeRock” Music Festival Sued For Piracy

The socialist #MyFreeRock festival is being sued by a collective of music artists, including this year's headlining act Pearl Jam for music piracy. The festival encouraged attendees to record artist live music sets without permission from the artists.

Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt Spotted Together at Nevada City Tavern

California Governor Jerry Brown and pop singer Linda Ronstadt were back in the news this week when the two were spotted at a popular Nevada City, California tavern Friday night.
Artist's rendition of the proposed Sierra Buttes project. Yeah, you get what you pay for. No lip.

Sierra Buttes to Become Huge Rock Sculpture of African-Americans

In what may prove a bonanza for local tourism and a boost for racial harmony, President Obama has just signed an executive memorandum calling for the creation of a Mount Rushmore-like creation on the Sierra Buttes celebrating great African Americans.

Mass Hysteria Following of Ted Cruz Rally [VIDEO]

Following a Ted Cruz campaign event, as many as 20 young adults broke in a mass hysteria dance in front of the Mobile, Alabama downtown Catalyst Memorial Community Center. Although Senator Cruz did not speak at the event, several of his celebrity supporters did including Colorado firebrand Christian Fundamentalist pastor Kevin Swanson who finished the rally with a call to "put all gays into sackcloth and cover them with ashes and cow dung."

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