“Bad Apple” Looters Discredit All Protesters, Says Area Bad Apple Cop

Officer James Elbow McCanty is not shy about sharing his opinions about protesters.

King George III Designates American Colonists as Terrorists

After years of resisting action, England's King George the Third has designated the American colonists as terrorists.
upcoming Warner Brothers feature film "Lego Sniper"

American Sniper to be Made into a Lego Movie

In an expected announcement from Warner Brothers Pictures, the entertainment giant says it plans on producing a Lego version of its hugely popular, Clint Eastwood-directed film American Sniper. According to a Warner Brothers internal memo, after a long negotiation with Legos executives, the large media company was able to give them "an offer they couldn't refuse."
elf-proclaimed postmodern social justice warrior David "Riddle Me" Shoreston seen here trying to disrupt fascist police officers with his trademark skinny jeans and fedora.

Skinny Jeans Fail to Subvert the Dominant Paradigm

Area hipster and self-proclaimed postmodern social justice warrior David "Riddle Me" Shoreston has given up his attempts to "subvert the dominant paradigm" with several deliberate act of protest which include his skinny jeans.

Democrat Scientists Create New Virus To Avoid Going Back To Work

The leader of a team of scientists secretly creating what's been dubbed "the lazy virus" is under arrest.

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