Wayne Kerr, 22, of Marinette, WI, first learned of his diagnosis on April 1st of this year.

Terminally Ill Man Makes Desperate Plea for Nudes

A Wisconsin native has issued a desperate plea for nudes after being diagnosed with Nanocephalic Aesthetic Receptor Daguerreotype Syndrome (NARDS), an extremely rare disease that affects the brain.
Attorney General nominee and current Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has big plans for the United States.

Jeff Sessions Promises To Make America 1952 Again

The man that Donald Trump wants to be the nation's top attorney told attendees of a prayer breakfast this morning that he plans to "roll back the 21st century" and "restore the natural order of things" in his tenure.
The troubled Health Nut News Facebook page was purchased by Gish Gallop moments after it was shut down for violating community standards.

Health Nut News Facebook Page Bought by Gish Gallop

Moments after being shut down for violating Facebook's community standards, the 92-year-old publication Gish Gallop purchased the troubled page and is planning on re-launching it as a orgonite and pro-beef industry re-education page.
CIA operational agent Karen Bergman is regretting Samsung Smart Television spying assignment.

CIA Agent Can’t Unsee What She’s Seen on Your Samsung Smart TV

Fairfax, VA --  CIA operational agent Karen Bergman is regretting her recent assignment to spy on owners of Samsung Smart Televisions. The 13 year veteran of the nation's chief spy agency says she's seen...
By the end of the decade, musical differences combined with waning record sales and allegations of infighting and substance abuse proved fatal.

The Rock-afire Explosion Reunion Timeline

Born from the ashes of the Wolf Pack 5 and the Hard Luck Bears, The Rock-afire Explosion blew up the eighties, leaving a generation of face-melted preteens in its wake.

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