Actor and comedian Denis Leary to head back out on the road after finding over 3000 unused Bill Hicks jokes.

Denis Leary to Tour with Newly Discovered Bill Hicks Jokes

American comedian Denis Leary announced that he would embark on his first comedy tour in over 15 years after he recently discovered a vault containing over 3000 unused Bill Hicks jokes.

Is Alex Jones Deceased Comedian Bill Hicks? [VIDEO]

After an exhaustive 20 month investigation, Gish Gallop has learned that conspiracy theorist and host of Alex Jones is quite possibly the late deceased comedian Bill Hicks.

Wall Street Hedge Fund Manager Willing to Let Others Die for Capitalism

Wall Street capitalists have no problem with other people dying to preserve their lifestyle.

Senate Relief Bill Excludes People Who Did Not Vote

If you're one of those people who doesn't vote, you're out of luck.
Hollywood wants to capitalize on the "Trump buzz."

Classic Comedy ‘The Jerk’ To Be Remade As ‘The Asshole,’ Starring Donald Trump

Universal Pictures has decided to go forward with a plan to update the Jerk and center it around Trump, giving it a new title, "The Asshole."

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