Retired teacher David Blakemore speaks with local high school students about his nightmares at the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Area Boomer Recalls the 3 Days He Spent in the Woodstock Festival Traffic Jam

Retired 10th grade English teacher David Blakemore of Nevada City recent spoke to a small gathering in Nevada Union High School's drama department about his exciting adventures during the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair.
Monsanto's Vacci-cornâ„¢ will combine the GMO goodness of corn, with the life-saving flu vaccine.

Monsanto Combines Corn With The Flu Vaccine

Monsanto has teamed up with the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) to engineer corn with the flu vaccine already in it. No more shots, simply eat the modified food products and you are protected.

Report: Isis Expected To Lose Popularity As Baby Name

Statisticians from the Department of Health released a new study concluding there is a 95% probability that the incidence of the female name "Isis" will probably decrease in the United States. Isis had recently become a fairly popular girls name over the last 3 decades, but it probably won't be for much longer.
New Sesame Street Transgender Character Rabbit Brunny. via wikicommons Pimvantend

Sesame Street Announces New Transgender Character

The Sesame Workshop, formerly known as the Children's Television Workshop, announced that its flagship program Sesame Street will feature its first transgender character for the 2019 season.
A local female Pomeranian named Dazzler recently converted to Islam.

Local Dog Converts To Islam

The Schultz family knew something was not right when Dazzler began to spell out "the problem is with the infidels" with her kibble and would randomly bite family members ankles for no reason. Well, there was a reason.

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