Vice President-elect mentioned Chemtrails several times today during an interview with Fox News.

Mike Pence Embraces Chemtrails

Vice President Mike Pence made a comment on Fox News today that he supports investigating claims that the government is manipulating the environment with Chemtrails.
A triumphant Hillary Clinton is rejoicing after God's endorsement of same-sex marriage.

5 Million Uncounted Sanders Ballots Found On Clinton’s Email Server

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is in hot water again after nearly 5 million uncounted California electronic ballots were found on her email server by the F.B.I.

John Kerry Found to be Life-sized Ketchup-filled Stretch Armstrong

After a shaving accident on Wednesday a mystery was revealed: Secretary of State John Kerry is a flexible action figure filled with ketchup.

Trump Calls Punching Self in Dick “Patriotic”

Millions begin punching selves in the dick across the United States.

Trump Says Burned West Coast Trees Were “Asking for It”

An open mic caught the President speaking about trees.

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