Trump Country Mask Use Triples After Recovering Patients Turn Gay

Across the country, many have taken to wearing protective masks after learning that COVID-19 increases gay activity.

“I Have Several Black Friends” Says Woman Who Doesn’t See Color

A Lynchburg woman likes to think of herself as "above it all."

Cracker Barrel Changes Its Name to All Lives Barrel

Facing pressure from its conservative base, the famous country store and restaurant is changing its name.

Militant Leftists Target Fonz Statue in Downtown Milwaukee

‘The Bronze Fonz’ statue has existed peacefully on Milwaukee’s downtown Riverwalk since first being unveiled on August 18th, 2008. The sculpture depicts Henry Winkler, the actor who portrayed Arthur Fonzarelli on the hit television series, Happy Days.

Turkish Government Calls on Trump to Declare Trail of Tears Genocide

A coalition of Turkish government members has signed a resolution calling on the United Nations and President Trump to declare the 1830s Trail of Tears an act of genocide.

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