Local Christians Protest Murderer’s Allocution

Three local Christian activist groups gathered their members together and carpooled to the Nevada County Superior Courthouse after reading an article in the Union newspaper about today’s scheduled allocution of convicted killer, Mikal Hanscomb.

Gish Gallop Poem: The Rats In The Hats

Gish Gallop presents an adult poem written for the child in your heart. A drunk child.

County Supervisors Approve Microbrewery and Fellatio Bar

In a private and unannounced session, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors voted to allow multinational adult lifestyles company Risqué Business, inc. to open a microbrewery and "fellatio" bar within Nevada County.

Teenager Mistakes Pediatric Inhaler for Bong

An area teenager discovered late Thursday night that the bong she was using was not a marijuana water pipe, but rather a pediatric asthma inhaler.

Sandbox Brawl Turns Into GOP Debate

Thirteen children, all from very affluent neighborhoods, staked out a turf war in a Las Vegas sandbox. Las Vegas police told us that this seems to be a trend going on around the country about every four to five weeks.

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