Supervisors Approve “Adult” Halloween Treating

The board voted 5 to 2 in favor of allowing adult county residents to hand out revelry packages to other adults on All Hallows Eve, who thought county residents might enjoy a little light-hearted fun, make some new friends, and start their weekend off with a bang.

Board of Supervisors to Supply Local Halloween Blood

As Halloween approaches, a Nevada County Attorney is stocking his wine cellar with the blood of Nevada County taxpayers. The October 27th Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting agenda Consent Calendar requests an additional $150,000 to Count Tolancuono’s Grass Valley law firm.

Mystery: Which Jim Hemigsi is the Real Jim Hemigsi?

In our routine Gish Gallop searches Jim Hemigsi, we were startled to find that the publisher of the 150 year old Union Newspaper has as many as two, maybe three identities.

Confirmed: Second UFO Spotted Over Nevada County

Another pilot has come forward with photograph revealing a second Unidentified Flying Object or UFO over Nevada County.
The Supreme Leader is angry that American Sniper is not about him.

North Korean Leader Upset American Sniper Not About Him

Pyongyang, North Korea -- In a bizarre press release from the reclusive and eccentric North Korean dictator, the country's supreme leader Kim Jong Un announced that he was angry that the recent biopic film...

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