Weird books are local thrift stores

News Pics: Weird Book from Local Thrift Store

  Sprechen Sie Deutsch ?   Translation: The Exercise For A Firm Chin And Neck Game. It is helpful for tightening of the platysma muscle to firmly pull the lower...
Ghostbusters clip, 1984

Internets Excellence: Stay In School Kids, a Gish Gallop PSA

JANINE (to Venkman) And someone from the EPA is here to see you. DR. PETER VENKMAN The EPA? What's he want? JANINE I didn't ask him. All I know is that I haven't had a...

Community: The Renewed Mind Appearing in Penn Valley

 A sample of what Penn Valley folks can expect to see from the "Hip" Renewed Mind Revue Penn Valley, CA --  The Way Internationalâ„¢, producers of the popular...
Mexican Flag in California. [gasp]

Internets Excellence: Welcome to America!

Spotted on the Youtubes by a Gish Gallop Fan. Flying a mexican flag in the USA is un-AMERICAN please show respect.  

A Ruse by Any Name Would Stink: The Earles of Newtown

Nevada City, CA -- Mario Biscotti of Nevada City is upset, and it's all because of a local band's name. "They're trying to pull a fast one,"...

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