Amendment to California SB277 to Inject Patriotism into Anti-Vaxxers

Following what appears to be an implosion of the repeal California SB277 movement, two California State Senators plan on introducing legislation to add additional provisions to the controversial "personal belief exemption."
Northern California veterinarians are reporting an increase in the number of small pet deaths due to increased Chemtrail activity.

Increased Chemtrail Spraying Leading to Premature Guinea Pig Deaths

Increased aerosolized chemtrail spraying over Northern California has led to an increase in small pet deaths according to area veterinarians.
Planned Parenthood of California is rolling out "Abortion Vans" to largely poor neighborhoods.

California Planned Parenthood to Roll-out Mobile “Abortion Vans”

A controversial plan to roll-out what conservative critics are calling "Abortion Vans" by the the women's service organization Planned Parenthood is raising eyebrows across the country.
Remnants of Jeff Hughston's basement in Barstow, CA, after he accidentally launched his homemade rocket into the ceiling.

Flat Earther Launches Rocket, Splatters on Basement Ceiling

In what appears to be a copy-cat attempt gone awry, 37 year old Barstow, CA native Jeff Hughston's life almost came to an end this weekend when he attempted to launch his homemade, kerosene-powered rocket from his Mother's basement.
Harold Ardon, 92, died Monday at his Nevada City home.

Deceased Nevada City Dentist Loved Family, the Philharmonic and Wife Swapping

A Nevada City dentist known for his deep love of family and wife swapping died this week. Harold Ardon, 92, died Monday at his Nevada City home.

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