State of Jefferson supporters seen in a file photo from 1941 searching for Chemtrail chemicals

Chemtrail Debate Reveals Deep Divide in the State of Jefferson Movement

A debate has opened up between State of Jefferson supporters in Southern Oregon and their Californian cohorts over the Chemtrail controversy.
President Donald Trump refused to deny any aid to California due to the recent Lake Oroville Dam crisis.

Trump Refuses to Deny Federal Aid for California Dam Disaster

Today the Trump Administration again refused to deny federal aid to California victims fleeing a potential devastating dam break in Oroville, CA. The announcement to not deny help to the liberal State came from Press Secretary Sean Spicer during his daily briefing.
Shoppers at a Sacramento, CA Goodwill Industry Bins found a little more than they bargained for.

2 Kilos of Cocaine Found at Sacramento Goodwill Bins

Area Goodwill treasure hunters Darlene and Jameson Delray found more than a broken Keurig coffee maker and used designer jeans over the weekend.

Local Researcher: Missoula, Montana Doesn’t Exist

North San Juan resident, part-time chemtrail researcher and amateur ionizing radiation hobbyist Skyy Wolford announced to a somewhat disinterested crowd out in front of the Sierra Super Stop that Missoula, Montana is an elaborate hoax and does not exist.
an Diego-based U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez said in a ruling Thursday

Federal Judge Blocks California’s Sexual Harassment Ban

San Diego-based U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez said in a ruling Thursday that the law banning possession of subordinate females, and even some of the more effeminate males, would have made criminals of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens who now use sex as a weapon to keep employees productive.

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