California’s Secret Plan to Turn Texas Blue

A secret document reveals California's plans to make America blue.
long-time Arcata, CA resident and Prius driver 'Peace Witherspoon' snapped this picture of the controversial sign before it was removed earlier this week.

Caltrans Under Fire for Controversial Sign

A regional California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) manager and his staff are under fire for a controversial sign the team posted on a stretch of highway 101 just outside of Eureka, California over the weekend

Chill Brah Wednesday: The First Annual San Juan Ridge answer to Black Friday, Cyber...

Moonash is ready for a break, and he is suggesting a new "day" in the succeeding number of new days that seem to be sprouting like mushrooms, which by the way you should not eat unless you check first with Nevada County Peeps, or any number of other Nevada County Facebook pages, regarding the safety of eating that mushroom.
CDR Logo

California Program Relocates Citizens to Idaho & Montana

An innovative State program seeks to help Californians relocate to other areas of the country. The California Department of Relocation, or CDR, was started by Governor Brown to help "people that want to get out of California, find suitable places to settle down."

Naughty Brawl Spoils Christmas Toy Bike Run

The 24th annual Nevada County Food & Toy Run was a little more memorable than expected this year for some unlucky participants. Dozens of motorcycle riders never left the Eric Rood Administrative Center staging area in Nevada City due to a vicious brawl between rival bike club members.

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