A new mobile application from a Van Nuys, CA company promises to take weather forecasting to new heights.

New App Combines Weather and Porn

A San Fernando Valley startup is taking your weather to the next logical step by merging the two most popular Internet activities into one convenient application for your favorite mobile device.
Artist's rendition of Amazon's "Cow in a Box" Prime Pantry offering

Amazon Prime Pantry to Ship Livestock

Amazon.com announced late Friday afternoon that it planned to use its popular "Prime Pantry" service to start shipping Livestock directly to consumers.
One of 14 Chemtrail clean-up sites across the nation that will be abandoned if Trump's budget cuts go through.

EPA Abandons Chemtrail Cleanup Program Following Trump Budget Cuts

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today during a weekly press conference that it will suspend all activity around geoengineering investigations and related clean-up programs.

Trader Joe’s to Nevada County: Please Shut Up

In an unusual press release from the grocery giant, Trader Joe's Director of Marketing James Washburn has told the citizens of Nevada County to "...shut the hell up, already. We heard you. We get it. You want a Trader Joe's."
A sample of the less flattering photographs produced by the new DMV system.

New DMV Photo System Promises Faster/More Hideous Pictures

The California Department of Motor Vehicles announced a new photo identification system that not only promises a faster and more effective photo process, but also guarantees the it will take the most hideous and unflattering picture of you.

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