Tom "Snowflake" McClintock (R-CA) introduced the Peace and Tranquility Act of 2017 which seeks to limit guns to Democrats.

Republican Lawmaker: Limit Guns for Democrats

Congressional Republican Tom McClintock (R-CA) introduced a bill today to limit registered Democrats access to firearms. Mr. McClintock, who represents California's conservative 4th district, said part of the motivation for unprecedented Peace and Tranquility Act of 2017 was some "liberal rebel-rousing" at a recent town hall meeting he held in Roseville, CA.
Rob Remus of APART.

Militia Bringing the Fight to George Soros

It’s been a busy 2016 for APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists) militia leader Rob Remus, who first gained national attention after his platoon of self-proclaimed “patriots” conducted a pre-dawn raid against what they believed to be a “terrorist training camp” run by the Islamic activist group, Muslims of America (MOA).
San Francisco's iconic Coit Tower was apparently modeled after the penis of the patron's husband.

San Francisco’s Coit Tower Modeled After Late Husband’s Penis

According to several memos written by Ms. Coit prior to her death, she explicitly instructed both her trustees and would-be architect, who would later be Arthur Brown, Jr., to create "a tower so great, that it would make her late husband's 'jelly-bag' jealous with envy."

Trader Joe’s to Nevada County: Please Shut Up

In an unusual press release from the grocery giant, Trader Joe's Director of Marketing James Washburn has told the citizens of Nevada County to "...shut the hell up, already. We heard you. We get it. You want a Trader Joe's."

Chemtrail Channeling Session Interrupted with Constant Farting

'ET' [Extraterrestrial] Channeler Darryl Anka was repeatedly interrupted by a series of loud farts from his channeled 'guest' Bashar at his recent appearance at the "Waking Universe-Open Mind" alternative wellness festival at the Red Lion Inn in Redding, California.

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