Louis "Lou" Laplante, President of Gish Gallop

Gish Gallop Viewpoint: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Nevada County, California -- So at least we now know what this is allegedly all about. Apparently Supervisor Lamphier was surfing the Internets (a series of Tubes)...
Robocop seen here at Nevada Union High School as a part of the Sheriff's outreach program.

Sheriff Robocop Conducting Criminal Investigations of California Propositions

Nevada County, CA -- Nevada County Sheriff Keith "Buford T. Robocop" Royal announced Monday afternoon that his department is conducting active investigations of statewide propositions 45, 46,...
drought torrential rain

Perpetual Party Poopers: State Water Resources Control Board Edition

The State Water Resources Control Board issued a stock press release affirming that that the ongoing rainfall has no measurable effect on the ongoing drought.

Simulated Brooklyn Bridge will Add Light Culture and Function Says Developer

  "Brooklyn", New York --  An excited developer, John Doesman, is celebrating his planned development and construction of a new Brooklyn Bridge made entirely out of light, built...

Summertime, And The Pickin’ Is Easy

Yuba City,CA  -- No sooner had the last bell buzzed at Deer Creek School in Nevada City, then did the Durham busses lined up in front of the...

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