Los Angeles Dodgers Refuse Trump Visit

The Dodgers have told President Trump to "take a hike."

Naughty Brawl Spoils Christmas Toy Bike Run

The 24th annual Nevada County Food & Toy Run was a little more memorable than expected this year for some unlucky participants. Dozens of motorcycle riders never left the Eric Rood Administrative Center staging area in Nevada City due to a vicious brawl between rival bike club members.
King Diamond, seen here giving whiny bitches something to cry about.

NFL Books King Diamond for Superbowl 52

Responding to outrage over Beyonce's halftime performance at Superbowl 50, officials at the National Football League (NFL) have stated their intent to host Danish heavy metal artist King Diamond at Superbowl 51.
Controversy erupted when the US Paralympics Team refused to stand for the Star Spangled Banner.

US Paralympics Team Refuses to Stand During Star Spangled Banner

A controversy erupted over the weekend when the United States Paralympics Team refused to stand for the National Anthem during their annual fall tryouts.
The trouble Cleveland Brown football franchise is offering its fans a novel new service: assisted suicide.

Cleveland Browns To Offer Euthanasia Services To Fans

The Cleveland Browns, arguably the worst football team in the NFL, is offering a new service to fans at First Energy Stadium. The Browns will off free euthanasia to depressed fans. The service will be combined with low cost cremation services and the ashes will be scattered in Lake Erie during halftime.

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