Sandbox Brawl Turns Into GOP Debate

Thirteen children, all from very affluent neighborhoods, staked out a turf war in a Las Vegas sandbox. Las Vegas police told us that this seems to be a trend going on around the country about every four to five weeks.

Chris Christie To Play Fat Bastard in Upcoming Austin Powers Film

Former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has inked a deal with Lions Gate Entertainment to reprise his role as the less than lovable, Fat Bastard, in the upcoming Austin Powers prequel.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Releases New Music Video

Following a bizarre incident this week where a six-car train with passengers on board left a suburban Boston transit station and went through four stations without stopping, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or MBTA released a new music video in attempts to calm the nerves of the public.

Obama Pens Executive Order To Allow Syrian Refugees Asylum in U.S.

Today, President Obama wrote and signed an executive order that will allow Syrian refugees free egress across United States borders beginning Thursday, November 26, 2015.

ISIS Attacks Bolster GOP’s Agenda

Proving that global politics produces strange bedfellows, many Republican loudmouths are glomming onto the recent terrorist attacks in Paris as evidence that “other” people should not be welcome within “our” borders. And subtlety is not their specialty.

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