Evangelical Christian Thrift Store Fast-Tracked to Meet Jesus

A Northern Californa Christian thrift store is defying a recent state-wide order to close.
Hollywood wants to capitalize on the "Trump buzz."

Classic Comedy ‘The Jerk’ To Be Remade As ‘The Asshole,’ Starring Donald Trump

Universal Pictures has decided to go forward with a plan to update the Jerk and center it around Trump, giving it a new title, "The Asshole."

“I Prefer Republicans to Democrats,” Coronavirus Claims

The usually non-partisan COVID-19 coronavirus has found a deep friendship with the Republican Party.

Area Woman Survives Stock Market Crash By Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It's hard to be impacted by the stock market if you're broke.

Democrat Coronavirus Supply Trains Spotted In Oregon

The Democrats are responsible for this latest virus outbreak, says an Oregon patriot group.

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