Lawn Watered

The grass is thirsty. Thirsty, thirsty grass. Drought? Sure, but grass is grass and it needs to drink or it dies. So, Chip Day knows exactly what to do. He waters his lawn. Existentialism at its finest.

People Who Swear Have Higher Fucking IQs, by Loretta Splitair

I've done some research on the topic, and I can unequivocally tell you that...

Sheriff Fights Attorney Visits/Taxpayers Foot the Bill

Wayne Brown Correctional Facility must allow contact visits between prisoners and their criminal defense attorneys. And now, so must all other county jails, thanks to the relentless efforts of Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal and the hired guns of County Counsel to try overturning this apparent right.

Gish Gallop on the Street: Senator Bernie Sanders Announces Bank Breakups

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced recently his intention to introduce legislation to break up Wall Street megabanks. Gish Gallop wants to know what you think.

Bored Georgeman: Rough ‘N’ Ready Secession, An Idea That Will Work

By the late 1840s, the population of the mining town of Rough 'N' Ready had exploded to over 3,000 souls.  The town suffered the effects of general...

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