Sheriff Fights Attorney Visits/Taxpayers Foot the Bill

Wayne Brown Correctional Facility must allow contact visits between prisoners and their criminal defense attorneys. And now, so must all other county jails, thanks to the relentless efforts of Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal and the hired guns of County Counsel to try overturning this apparent right.
Violet Matenapolis

Commentary: Who Do I Have to Blow to Get A Meal Delivered in this...

I would happily pay a delivery charge-hell, I’d even tolerate a long wait time if it meant I didn’t have to put on pants, set down my Manhattan, drag my ass downtown, put out my cigarette, and talk to people. I shouldn’t have to talk to people to eat.
UPS touting its ability to pull off the NCAA Final Four. And their tacit support for bigotry.

Commentary: UPS Hopes You Don’t Notice Their Indiana Problem

United Parcel Service recently launched a series of advertisements touting its ability to make the NCAA's "March madness" Final Four Basketball tournament a reality in Indianapolis.

Outrage: The Union Newspaper Publishing Fake News

Gish Gallop has learned that The Union newspaper is publishing fake news.
Harry Balserhaught

Back at ‘Ya: Angry Reader Critical of Horse Poop Coverage

Dear Readers, I have been on staff here at Gish Gallop for not very long yet, and here the other day we received a letter from Mrs. Marilyn...

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