Clintons Blasted By South Carolina ASPCA

The Clintons are in hot water for some remarks they made about dogs.
The Clintons are in hot water for some remarks they made about dogs.

Myrtle Beach, SC — A major gaffe by Hillary and Bill Clinton has the entire state of South Carolina and the DNC buzzing.

“A fundraiser gone horribly wrong,” said a distraught Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager. “This might just cost her the nomination.”

At a $10,000 per plate dinner at the affluent Myrtle Beach Dog Breeders Association, Bill and Hillary dropped a faux pas of epic proportion, according to local ASPCA director, Lois Sheppard.

“The Clinton fundraising dinner included a showing of local prize-winning breeds,” said Ms. Sheppard. “When the trainers finished showing their prize pooches, the dogs were asked to lie still and relax as the gala continued. One large Labrador retriever, as dogs will be dogs, decided to put on a show of his own, and began to lick his private parts. The dog’s trainer, a bit embarrassed by the spectacle, went over and put a stop to the behavior.”

According to Ms. Sheppard, at that same time, the Clintons were engaged in a conversation that, unbeknownst to them, was being recorded.

“You will have to listen to the recording yourself,” continued an incredulous Ms. Sheppard,  “because I could never bring myself to repeat the disturbing content.

Gish Gallop was able to gain access to the recording, as we were tagging along with the Associated Press. Hillary Clinton was heard to say to Bill, as the dog licked himself, “I wish you could do that.” Bill chuckled and replied, “Yeah, me too. But I should probably ask him first!” Then they both howled with laughter.

The Republican Senate is expected to announce an investigation into the internet habits of the two politicians.

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