Commentary: UPS Hopes You Don’t Notice Their Indiana Problem

UPS touting its ability to pull off the NCAA Final Four. And their tacit support for bigotry.
UPS touting its ability to pull off the NCAA Final Four. And their tacit support for bigotry.

Indianapolis, IN United Parcel Service or UPS, one of the world’s largest shipment and logistics companies in the world, recently launched a series of advertisements touting its ability to make the NCAA’s “March Madness” Final Four college basketball tournament a reality in Indianapolis. However there is just one problem. The games will be held in Indiana, the State that just passed a sweeping, disingenuous and pro-discrimination law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which was approved by the Republican-dominated Indiana legislature and signed by Governor Pence last Thursday.

It is clear that UPS wants to have it both ways. It wants to celebrate its logistical might and hope the people of the United States still not stuck in 1952 will not notice their tacit support of bigotry towards the LGBT community in the State.

Heck even that Red State American institution NASCAR is decrying the new law. So why hasn’t UPS spoken up on this issue? Do they think no one will notice? Well some are. However it’s clear that some people see nothing wrong with Indiana’s new law.

We at Gish Gallop have been reviewing the Right-wing blogosphere and we are disgusted by the tone and tenor of these knuckle-dragging heathens. They’re partying like it’s 1859, folks. It’s as if they’re living in some kind of reactionary, purity-tested Ayn Rand utopia. In their brains. They openly celebrate their hatred for anyone who is not like them, and assert that arbitrary discriminating against people is somehow a protected Freedom. These people do not deserve nor have their earned any of these Rights they so often pontificate over. They speak from a narcissistic and delusional world of comfort, privilege and intellectual cowardliness provided by the fat teet of American exceptionalism as they puff their cigars in their critic’s faces. They paint evil as good and the limiting the freedom of others as an expression of their god-gifted Liberty.

One of the things sports fans like to convince themselves of is that their pastime is immune to “political speech.” Well it’s not. It’s hard to believe in this day with all our access to news, information and commentary, that we have access to that one could avoid the escalation of intolerance and bigotry that surrounds us. If you’re not outraged, you’ve tuned out. If you think Sport is immune from criticism, you’re deliberately acting stupid; which for most Americans seems to be a sport unto itself.

As for UPS, we call for them to boycott the NCAA tournament. We’re also calling for the NCAA to move event. It’s really that simple. However, as the United States is clearly being prepped for a war, reactionary forces often prevail over people’s thinking. So have little hope that any good will come out of this. But hope springs eternal.

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