Dorsey Interchange Chemtrail Facility Followup

Residents are concerned about the increased traffic and the Government's attempt to sedate the populations.
Residents are concerned about the increased traffic and the Government’s attempt to sedate the populations from the airplanes.

Grass Valley, CA  — The Dorsey Drive interchange project is moving forward and should be completed sometime in October of this year.

In addition to the semi-secret chemtrail facility and airport to be built next to the project, as previously reported on Gish Gallop,  sources have revealed more project details which include plans for a massive 170,875 sq. ft. multi-use FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) building to house and re-educate the homeless, miscellaneous squatters, and other local self-proclaimed free sovereign citizens. The building will also have some retail space.

Construction of the massive 170,875 sq. ft. "Homeless Encampment Living Lodge" is quickly progressing.
Construction of the massive 170,875 sq. ft. “Homeless Encampment Living Lodge” is progressing.

The new FEMA building comes at a time when the homeless and other “PVTs,” as described by a recent Grand Jury Report, are getting squeezed into a corner from large property developments. Gish Gallop has learned that the building’s internal name is the “Homeless Encampment Living Lodge”  and anonymous sources close to the project say the building will have a modern/Roseville, CA/”strip mall” look and feel, which will provide the perfect cover for the Chemtrail facility, as well as a movie theater and possibly a Sprouts or a Trader Joe’s grocery store.

“You can’t please everyone,” said project foreman Joe McAllister in an exclusive Gish Gallop phone interview. “You’ve got many interests who have their eyes on this project: the local and out-of-town pro-development people; the people who want a Trader Joe’s; Homeless advocates; and of course intra-governmental officials and their PA-10A7 program intent on medicating the populations to suppress the coming public insurrections.”

Although the project has many supporters, many of which are from outside the area, it is not without its detractors.

“I don’t mind the chemtrail thing,” said Mary McDorman of Nevada City, “but I’m kind of annoyed by all this new development along the freeway corridor. It’s gonna have the effect of sucking the life out of our town centers.”

And like all things Nevada County, there is wide disagreement about the negative impacts of the projects.

“First off. A Sprouts? Do we need another grocery store?” Questioned an irritated Ben Cox of North San Juan, CA. “And more importantly, why isn’t everyone freaking out about this? The Department of Defense just admitted that it’s spraying us with chemicals!”

Gish Gallop will provide more updates as this project nears completion.

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