Gang of Hoodlums Squatting In Golden Chance Bodega

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Grass Valley, CA After months of speculation and countless hours investigating the Grass Valley seafood/restaurant/clothing store/tanning salon located inside the old Ames Book Store building on 309 Neal Street, Gish Gallop has discovered what has been going on behind the locked doors of the Golden Chance Bodega. And it’s reasonably disturbing. There does not seem to be anything local jurisdictions can do about it.

Juvenile delinquents appear to be squatting in the building and making trouble. A group of four young men have been posting images of themselves on Instagram and Snapchat under the user name @AlexTheLarge and some eagle-eyed readers have spotted the resemblance to the interior of the Golden Chance Bodega in some of the photos.

As previously reported on Gish Gallop, the Bodega’s OPEN sign is illuminated and the mail has been piling up inside the front door. There were several unconfirmed reports of gold spray paint that been applied to the outside of the building and the smell of rotting fish. Gish Gallop attempted  to reach out to the inhabitants, but our knocks on the doors were unanswered. We did however, hear someone inside the establishment utter a “[email protected]#$ You” before we heard somewhat maniacal laughing followed by the sound of broken bottles.

Readers with addition information on the Bodega are encouraged to contact Gish Gallop.

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What a bunch of droogs.